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Conference Weekend

This was a fun weekend for us. Christel’s brother (Gerald), wife (Valerie) and niece (Valentine) were in town for conference this weekend and to buy a dress for Valentine’s wedding this November. It was great being able to spend time with them, and had even more to talk about than usual since Gerald was called into the First Quroum of the Seventy. Needless to say, their life is changing dramatically over the next couple of months. I am very excited, I think his calling will be a blessing for his family and also for all of the Church in France. I feel deeply that he has been especially prepared to do some wonderful things for the Church and I wasn’t surprised at all when he revealed the call to us. I know, that’s easy to say for a family member, but obviously I wasn’t the only one thinking it… :-)

 Conference with Valentine     Conference 2     Christel and Valentine

TJ and Christel

In spite of his new responsibilities, we had time to get together. Christel got to be with Valerie and Valentine when they found Valentine’s wedding dress. It is a beautiful dress and she looks great. Eloise spoke English with Valentine at the beginning, but by the Sunday she had figured out she could communicate in French with her. We also got to attend a few conference sessions and were there Saturday morning during the solemn assembly to sustain President Monson and to see Gerald take his place on the stand for the first time. Mom and Dad were gracious enough to let the kids hang out at their house while we were up attending the sessions. Eloise loves going to “Grandma’s house,” and of course, it doesn’t hurt that Mom made her famous cinnamon rolls this weekend. We also had a little conference get-together at their house with Abbey and Justin, John and Robin and some of the Call family.

I’ll add some pictures to this post when I get a chance from our other computer. 

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