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First week in new ward building

We met for the first time in our new ward building on Sunday. The building is called the Temple Point building because it is just across the street from the steadily progressing Ochre Mountain Temple. Our ward is pushing 800 members at the moment, and we left a stake center to come to a much smaller building. We set up chairs in every usable inch of the cultural hall, seated people on the stand, filled the foyers and even piped the meeting’s audio into the Relief Society room. Every seat was filled and we think there were even a few who may have gone back home because they couldn’t find a seat. We only have 4 nurseries at the moment though, so I guess it’s not time to split yet…

It is fun to be one of the first wards in a new building. Both the wardhouse and the Temple are at the end of our street – a 3-5 minute walk if the weather ever truly warms up (meteorologists are forecasting snow for this Sunday, April 20th!). Parking is very limited, but then again, virtually everything in Daybreak is supposed to be within walking distance … and it pretty much is!

Christel is currently absorbed in doing a painting as part of a celebration of South Jordan’s heritage. Well, I probably shouldn’t say absorbed, since she still spends most of her time caring for the kids, but whenever she can find a free block of time, she is either scouring the internet for good photos or reproducing them in her oil-paint collage of South Jordan’s past and present. I’m very excited to see it finished and displayed. It looks great!  

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